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Frequency Group 

We help leaders build better companies by creating high-fidelity connections with users. We do this by providing insights, tools and expertise that result from nearly twenty-five years of successful business, product and technology innovation. 

Excerpt​ from Demand Horizon


The rules of new product development have changed. The fundamental nature of supply and demand has shifted and markets have undergone a reversal. Users are in control now, determining the success and failure of every company and product in the market. Companies that underestimate the implications of this shift are guaranteed to fail, wasting time and resources pursing products the market will not accept. 

Below are mental models for understanding and adopting to the demand-driven economy. They're the framework for making sense of the new rules in product creation, offering both strategic understanding and practical actions for adapting to the new rules of business. 

Our Team
Gerry Campbell, Founder & CEO


Gerry is a veteran business leader. He has served in a broad range of roles, including CEO, global technology executive, entrepreneur and angel investor. His team's products have generated patented technologies used by billions of people, been featured on stage at Apple keynote events and helped pave the way for the early Internet. Over the past twenty years, he has helped transform a leading fitness company, built a $500 million dollar business within a Fortune 500 company and served as global president of one of the world’s largest news and financial information companies. He is patented inventor of search technologies that are used by almost every site, app and device on the planet every day. He’s led more than a billion dollars of profitable product innovation and business creation and participated in a dozen M&A transactions.

Most recently Gerry has helped lead the creation of Beachbody On Demand, which has earned its place as one of the top streaming video services in the US, UK and Canada.

greg pic.png
Jeff Sirianni, Operations


Greg is an experienced market intelligence executive with a demonstrated history of working in multiple industries, most recently in health wellness/fitness and personal data security.


Over the past 7 years, Greg has focused on gaining product insights from consumers, through a combination of quantitative and quantitive methods. His unique approach of combining research,  digital strategy, business development, and data operations, provides a 360 degree view into growing and monetizing businesses. 

Experienced and energetic entrepreneur with a track record for converting strategic vision to detailed execution.  Operations consultant assisting both early stage and mature companies break through barriers to corporate development, market penetration and revenue growth by supplementing the management team with broad ranging skills needed by emerging and expanding companies.

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